Information delivery right to your door.

So this week I’ve been looking at some sites that discuss blogging and the wonderful thing that is RSS feeds (both in a general “how-to” manner and the more technical and historical specifics).


Most of what I read about blogs was stuff that I had already known or been peripherally aware of. What I found most interesting about what I had been reading was RSS feeds. I found these interesting because I had only vaguely known what they were and what they did but had never used them myself. This gave me a chance to look into them more in-depth and try them out myself.

While I was looking over all this new information, I came across one or two blogs that I liked the look of. They are mainly public library blogs because I’m both a nerd about this stuff, and I like the look of some of the programs that they have going on.

With all my new knowledge comes the task of applying it; specifically in a library setting since that’s what I’m in school for. How does RSS feeds and blogs impact libraries and their patrons? For the most part positively, I would think. With the help of blogs more information can reach those that are interested, be they actual patrons of the library in question or just someone like me who is interested in the general going-ons of any library. On top of the information that blogs provide is the service of RSS feeds, which is what will be delivering that information directly to your figurative door.

On the whole I think that blogs and RSS feeds are both incredibly useful tools that can only help libraries reach a much wider audience.


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